Have You Ever

have you ever been

feeling glad because there’s someone who cares for you

but you don’t wanna take it too far

does it count as a sin

to break someone’s feeling because of your ego

do I have to explain why

and does he want to understand

It Was A Happy Long March, After All

Well, well, well. It’s been a month and am very happy to feel such a great experience!

I never thought I’d love working as a practitioner. I got lot of complains tough. I even got a warning letter from the hospital on my very first day of working because there was a missed communication. My name was written as “Dietitian Zahrina” because I am a graduated Nutritionist and Dietitian. It was a bad and scary moment, but I have to admit I was happy to be called like that. Hahaha. I guess that’s because of the awkward feeling that came up later to be recognized as a professional by the public.

It’s not just about the responsibility, but it opens my eyes a lot wider than before. I’ve met several people; the co-workers, seniors, colleagues, and even the people I met on my way to and from work. I learn some life-learning from them, particularly because I use public transportation everyday. I jostle in the train and bus, I got exhausted and go crazy when surrounded by the bad body-smell (eew), but most of all, I am super excited.

I feel like I’m walking on the struggle to reach joy and success, just like our parents, or any role model.

This is me on March. How about you? I wish you have a great month and a beautiful upcoming April!