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Is It Lo…–what?

So the time has come.

The time when I start to begin again and stand up. The time when I realize that I, in the end, am somebody’s half and so do him. The time when I reinstall the trust I’ve put before and long gone. The time when I smile and ask myself why. The time when I realize that love might be the answer of the ‘why’s.


Am I too blind to fall in love again?

Is he really the right person to fall in love with?

Or is it just a game of The Cupid, before he turn the arrow to the other direction?

For a moment, I barely don’t care.

Have You Ever

have you ever been

feeling glad because there’s someone who cares for you

but you don’t wanna take it too far

does it count as a sin

to break someone’s feeling because of your ego

do I have to explain why

and does he want to understand