Have You Ever

have you ever been

feeling glad because there’s someone who cares for you

but you don’t wanna take it too far

does it count as a sin

to break someone’s feeling because of your ego

do I have to explain why

and does he want to understand

It Was A Happy Long March, After All

Well, well, well. It’s been a month and am very happy to feel such a great experience!

I never thought I’d love working as a practitioner. I got lot of complains tough. I even got a warning letter from the hospital on my very first day of working because there was a missed communication. My name was written as “Dietitian Zahrina” because I am a graduated Nutritionist and Dietitian. It was a bad and scary moment, but I have to admit I was happy to be called like that. Hahaha. I guess that’s because of the awkward feeling that came up later to be recognized as a professional by the public.

It’s not just about the responsibility, but it opens my eyes a lot wider than before. I’ve met several people; the co-workers, seniors, colleagues, and even the people I met on my way to and from work. I learn some life-learning from them, particularly because I use public transportation everyday. I jostle in the train and bus, I got exhausted and go crazy when surrounded by the bad body-smell (eew), but most of all, I am super excited.

I feel like I’m walking on the struggle to reach joy and success, just like our parents, or any role model.

This is me on March. How about you? I wish you have a great month and a beautiful upcoming April!

Pretty Woman and The Other Fairytales

Hello there friend!

Recently I’ve been filling my head with a lot of thoughts. Strangely it all comes up every day, and I’m like, wow I have to write it down quickly. And it’s both pleasing and stressing me out. Because to be honest, I actually have to start to write a new article, but I haven’t yet found a good topic. Writer’s Block. Tsk.

Anyway, I watched the movie Pretty Woman tonight. No, I won’t tell you what’s the story about. It’s a legend (wait for it) (no I’m not going to be into Stinson). You should watch it–if in any case you haven’t.

But, yes, this movie is a phenomenal and it reminds me to every girl’s dream: to find their prince. I mean, what’s not to look in Edward Lewis? Hot, good looking, lovely, very good at piano, and yes of course, overly rich. And yes, he is the older version of Christian Grey (except for the abusive things). And yes, he, too, is unreal. Pity.

And there goes my point. That’s what romance movies are for. To build your dream. I don’t know for guys, but for us, the girls, it visualises our childhood dream a lot more than we thought. Come on, how many times we heard about the Cinderella, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty…… Enchanted? Even the princess things don’t stop at our youth. And then you grow old and you change your books and taste of movies (you might not watching Disney’s Princesses again). But the industry offers us the dream guy like Edward and Christian? And a lot more in dramas?

My fairytales surely haven’t ended yet.

In my opinion, the saddest thing about romance movies isn’t when the two separated. It’s when the movie ends and you blink your eyes, and TADAAAAA! Welcome to real life, when love sometimes can be very rough and bitch-ing you.

Goodnight and sleep tight. Don’t let the bad memories bite.

50 Shades of G….. What?

Buenas tardes!

It’s such a comfy Sunday. The weather is completely perfect for a long rest after a day of laughing, eating, telling story, and hanging out with good old friends yesterday on the famous Valentine’s Day. It’s kinda awkward though because I and my friends went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and all the seats except ours were seated by couples. Lol I don’t know why but seriously, people, what is happening between Valentine’s Day and being a single? I, for example, was a victim of social jokes about that. The truth is, I am not really a Val’s day person after all. I had never celebrated it with or without a companion. It will just feel the same and beside, you won’t need February 14th to go to a fine dining and dress well and eat with candle lights. Too idealist, do I? But, yes, please, dear my future companion, please me everyday and not just on the Valentine’s Day 💖

I went to the airport in the early morning today and I just had 3 hours of sleeping. I promised myself to get a good recovery as soon as I’m home, But then, here I am. I can’t sleep anymore and I have just finished 50 Shades of Grey with an unpleasant feeling.
Not to mention the sensual scenes this book has offered me, but 50SOG is one of the books that are on my favourite list. Why?

First of all, I love Christian Grey–well, who doesn’t? I always love the imagination of a perfectly beautiful, wealthy, tall, and smart guy (and unfortunately unreal) in a book. There, the answer why I had crush with the book version of Edward Cullen, or Damon Salvator (but I accept the screen version of him too), or this handsome Christian Grey now. Totally impressed by the way the authors describe them and how my wild dreams imagine them. And totally in love by the way they treat the girl they love the most and their mysterious side. It is just perfect, and I’m telling again, so unreal. But hey, that’s what fictions are for right. It is made to pleasure you.

Secondly, I love how Ana leaves Grey. After all the great time they’ve spent together, at some point she just realises that she and him aren’t on the same side. She’ll never be what Grey wants and neither does him. They’re on the different world. And Grey knew it. But I assume Grey’s just love her too much, and he thinks he might give it a try. See if it can work. But, Ana, I think she’s more clever than me, because she realises it soon and she made her own decision. She leaves for her own good. She brings the grieve to herself but she knows how to protect her self. She knows that if Grey wants her, he will find a way to work it out–and I assume that he will, eventually, on the next books. But, once again, she is smarter than me at that point. And inspires me. She, at the end of the book, believes that the man she loves doesn’t love her the way she thought. So she finds no good in their relationship, and decides to move on.

And for the third, I love some quotations the characters said in the book. One of my favourite is by Carla, Ana’s mom, to her daughter at the day when Ana’s going back to Seattle.

Darling, you know what they say. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

That, to raise the awareness of being happy for the single on the Valentine’s Day. And this too, which I got from 9Gag.

So, I wish you a very lovely Valentine’s Day. May the love always be with you.
Con Amor,

The Differences

What makes you think that you are special?
What makes you think that you can humiliate me further?
Why didn’t you do the same thing to the other girls?
Why it has to be me, just me?