Is It Lo…–what?

So the time has come.

The time when I start to begin again and stand up. The time when I realize that I, in the end, am somebody’s half and so do him. The time when I reinstall the trust I’ve put before and long gone. The time when I smile and ask myself why. The time when I realize that love might be the answer of the ‘why’s.


Am I too blind to fall in love again?

Is he really the right person to fall in love with?

Or is it just a game of The Cupid, before he turn the arrow to the other direction?

For a moment, I barely don’t care.

Have You Ever

have you ever been

feeling glad because there’s someone who cares for you

but you don’t wanna take it too far

does it count as a sin

to break someone’s feeling because of your ego

do I have to explain why

and does he want to understand

It Was A Happy Long March, After All

Well, well, well. It’s been a month and am very happy to feel such a great experience!

I never thought I’d love working as a practitioner. I got lot of complains tough. I even got a warning letter from the hospital on my very first day of working because there was a missed communication. My name was written as “Dietitian Zahrina” because I am a graduated Nutritionist and Dietitian. It was a bad and scary moment, but I have to admit I was happy to be called like that. Hahaha. I guess that’s because of the awkward feeling that came up later to be recognized as a professional by the public.

It’s not just about the responsibility, but it opens my eyes a lot wider than before. I’ve met several people; the co-workers, seniors, colleagues, and even the people I met on my way to and from work. I learn some life-learning from them, particularly because I use public transportation everyday. I jostle in the train and bus, I got exhausted and go crazy when surrounded by the bad body-smell (eew), but most of all, I am super excited.

I feel like I’m walking on the struggle to reach joy and success, just like our parents, or any role model.

This is me on March. How about you? I wish you have a great month and a beautiful upcoming April!